Accommodations and Meals

       Many Shenzhen area residents have opened their homes to international students who attend the Chinese Language Programs. The home stay program allows you to experience Chinese culture in the warmth, variety and spontaneity of a Chinese home while having excellent, relaxed opportunities to practice Chinese conversational skills. A home stay provides the opportunity to live in a Chinese home while studying Chinese. By sharing life together with your home stay hosts, you have a first-hand experience of Chinese culture and opportunities to converse in Chinese in a family atmosphere. A home stay is not just renting a room in a home. 

      Since every home is different, every home stay is different. Some home stay hosts include a husband, a wife, and children, some are single parents with children, and some are single Chinese who enjoy sharing their homes with one of our students. Home stay students are expected to live with their hosts as "family members". This means you may be expected to keep your bedroom 
clean or to help with shared tasks, such as washing dishes after a family meal. 

Home stay Features

Attentive selection of families 
Careful placement of participants 
Two meals per day (breakfast and dinner) 
Private room 
Air conditioning
Access to Laundry facility and telephone 

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