Our Philosophy

EMW IMMERSIONS we feel that there is no "magic pill" for learning a new language. We feel that hard work on the part of the student, coupled with quality instructors and a developed curriculum is the only way to truly master a language. With this in mind we designed our classes to allow for maximum student interaction, allowing opportunities to both practise and question what you have learned. By having very small class sizes and by involving the student in class activities we create an intimate, friendly and interesting environment where students are not afraid to take risks or to try something new. We also use a well rounded approach in our classes, following the idea that we should crawl before we run, and that babies speak before they read and write; our classes focus on listening and speaking, especially in the lower levels, and then introduce and focus more on reading and writing as the classes progress. 

Our Teachers

      All of our teachers have university degrees and are trained, qualified teachers; in fact, the majority of our teachers not only have an education degree, but a specialised 
Teaching Chinese to Foreigners degree. All of our teachers are young, late 20s. We find that this younger generation of teachers are more open to creative teaching methods as well as working with foreign students. They are much less rigid in their teaching and do not rely on rote instruction the way some Chinese schools do. Despite their young ages they all have years of experience teaching. Many of our teachers come from northeast China and so naturally speak very standard Mandarin. All teachers have also received Mandarin certificates from the Beijing government, certifying that their Mandarin meets or exceeds that required to teach it. 

Mandarin and Cantonese classes

      Our small group classes are designed specifically for adults and university students who are looking to learn Mandarin or Cantonese, whether it be for business, educational or social reasons. Four weeks of intensive classes are able to give a solid grounding and improvement in any student's Chinese. 

      We offer instruction at four Mandarin and Cantonese language levels: 





      Upon arrival at our school, students will be administered a level placement test and grouped into the appropriate classes based on their scores. 

      Our classes are Monday through Friday, 5 hours every day. Morning classes are three hours long and have a maximum of four students. These classes are for group activities and give a chance to really practise previously learned information as well introducing new concepts. Afternoon classes are for tutoring and small group instruction, usually 1:1 or 2:1 teaching. Here students can work on individual problems and questions that need to be explained or practised. These hours also serve to introduce new topics and preview the next 
day's unit.

      Our program is kept very small overall with an overall maximum number of 15 students per session, helping to create a friendly and sociable learning environment. 

Extracurricular cultural classes

      In addition to our language instruction classes, we have included a wide variety of cultural classes that are designed to introduce you to all aspects of China and give you a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and everyday life. 

Options include: 

Chinese chess 


Chinese painting


kung fu 


mah jong 

      If there are other options that you are interested in, we will do our best to organize an additional class for you. 

      Students can register in up to three options (four if including cooking). These chosen options are available 2-3 times a week at lunch time as well as in the evenings and will have a maximum 6:1 student:teacher ratio in each class. In addition, 2-3 times a week there will be a general culture class that is open to all students (no need to preregister) that will introduce a cultural concept. Topics for these classes can be as varied as idioms, popular songs, Chinese games, Chinese crafts or debates.

Typical day schedule

9-12 Chinese class

12-1 lunch 

1-2 break or optional culture class

2-4 Chinese class

6-8 optional culture class

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