Located in the southern coastal area of Guangdong province, 160 kilometres away from Guangzhou, 35 kilometres from Honking and Jiulong; Dapeng Gulf to the east, the influx of the Pearl River west, Hong Kong south, Dongguan and Huizhou cities north                                                              

Neighbouring Areas:
Hunan, Jiangxi, Fujian, and Hainan provinces; Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Hong Kong and Macao

Physical Features: Facing the sea and surrounded by mountains; mainly covered by hills with plains in its western area.


Population: ~ 5 million


      Shenzhen is a new city in China . Located next door to Hong Kong it has, overnight, become the economic miracle of China 's Opening Up policy. The last 20 years have seen an enormous influx of both capital and people, both from within China and abroad. This collision of different forces and rapid pace of change has created one of the most cosmopolitan and energetic cities in China . The average person in Shenzhen is only 26 years old. People here are always looking for the newest and most exciting things; they work hard and play harder.  This city is vibrant and dynamic, a place where deals are made, and the future is shaped. Come join us and create your own future.

      Many Chinese language schools based in the north of China , particularly around Beijing , claim that their locations are the best for learning Chinese because their local dialect is closest to the official Mandarin. It is true that the dialect is closest. However there are several unique factors about Shenzhen that we at
EMW CULTURAL IMMERSIONS believe make Shenzhen truly a better place for the study of Chinese.

      Firstly, migrants are coming to Shenzhen from all over China . This means that Shenzhen is mainly a Mandarin speaking city, unlike the rest of Guangdong . This gives you well rounded exposure to the many different accents and dialects of Mandarin that you will hear in China . Secondly, many of these immigrants come from the North so you are still frequently exposed to "correct" Mandarin, especially in the classroom where our teachers are all northern and/or have passed Mandarin standards set by the government.  Secondly, being in Guangdong , Shenzhen offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn Cantonese. Here again all of our Cantonese teachers are local to the area and are native speakers of Cantonese. 

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