Course dates and prices

First session May 1st to June 9th

May 1st to May 26th      Chinese classes in Shenzhen
May 27th to June 9th  Travelling China

Second Session June 12th to July 21st

June 12th to July 7th        Chinese classes in Shenzhen
July 8th to July 21st     Travelling China

Third Session July 24th to September 1st

July 24th to August 18th           Chinese classes in Shenzhen 
August 21st to September 1st       Travelling China

Total Fee

Each session is $4000USD. 

      This cost includes 4 weeks of Chinese instruction (25hrs a week) and cultural classes (up to 10 hrs a week); class materials, home stay, two meals a day (breakfast and supper).  It also includes 3 weekend excursions and one 2 week trip.  During these travel times all transportation costs and hotel fees are included; as well as entrance to most tourist attractions and one meal a day (breakfast).

      This cost does not include airfare to and from China , visas nor health and travel insurance.


Don’t forget to ask about our EARLY BIRD SPECIALS!!!


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